Winding Rotor

The armature winding is made by copper conductors insulated from each other and mounted in the grooves of the rotor and the torque at start of this type of motor is much better than the previous one because we can put resistors in series with the winding phases of the rotor. There are types in which the resistors are mounted on the rotor and eliminated, when the machine reaches its normal speed, through centrifugal mechanisms. In some types of motors, so that the brushes do not run out during normal running, they are suspended and the rings are short circuited by means of levers.

With the addition of rheostats in addition to improving the motor torque, we can vary the speed of the motor, but with the drawback of increasing the Joule loss in the resistors, alemite with best prices reducing their efficiency. Another type of coiled rotor is one in which its windings are attached to the collector rings on which the brushes rest. For these types we use rheostats, in star (Υ), connected in series with the windings of the rotor through brushes and collector rings. As the motor adds its speed, the rheostat is operated in order to gradually remove the resistors from the circuit until the star windings are connected.

The Importance of Electric Motors

The electric induction motor is the most widely used motor in the industry, and the squirrel cage induction motor is what prevails. This fact is because most current systems of electric power distribution is AC (alternating current). Compared to the DC motor, the induction motor has the advantage of its simplicity, which is explained at low cost and maximum efficiency with minimal maintenance. The efficiency is high for medium and maximum load, and a good power factor can be ensured with a correct selection.

The drive of machines and mechanical equipment by electric motors is a subject of great economic importance. In the field of industrial drives, we evaluate that from 70 to 80% of the electrical energy consumed by all the industries is modified in mechanical energy through electric motors. The electric motor needs to be identified and treated as a power machine, whose peculiarities involve certain care, such as installation and maintenance, as it plays a role of relevant importance to the comfort and well-being of all humanity in today’s world.

Squirrel cage rotor motors

Squirrel cage rotor motors can be used with single phase alternating current employing various inductance and capacitance devices that change the characteristics of the single-phase voltage and make it look like the biphasic one. This type is called multiphase motors or capacitor or capacitor motors, depending on the devices used.

Battery motors in series with switches leeson 120996.00, which work with both direct and alternating current, are called universal motors. These are manufactured in small sizes and are used in household appliances.

Single-phase squirrel-cage motors do not have wide starting torque, and uses repulsion-induction motors for torque applications. This type of motor can be multiphase or capacitor, but has a manual or automatic switch that allows the current to flow between the switch brushes when the motor is started and the short circuits of all the switch segments after the engine reaches a critical speed. The induction-repulsion motors are thus called, as their starting torque, depending on the repulsion between the rotor and the stator, and their torque while in operation, will depend on the induction.

The Engine Operating Basis

The working foundation of electric motors is the principle of magnetic force where an inductor circuit called a stator, generates a fixed magnetic field so that the induced circuit called the rotor, enters into motion when being trodden by electric current. One of the precursors in the study of engines was Michael Faraday. In 1822, during his experiments, he saw the emergence of a circular motion by working out a circuit in series with a battery of direct current, magnets and two containers filled with mercury.

In one of the containers, Faraday secured a bar magnet in an upright position and preserved a moving wire immersed in the mercury. When closing the circuit, electrical current was constituted and the mobile wire began to rotate around the magnetized bar. In the other vessel, Faraday preserved the fixed wire and the movable magnet. Thus, upon closing the circuit, the magnet began to rotate around the fixed wire. Faraday associated these movements with the action of the magnetic field.

The machines that transform electrical energy into rotational mechanical energy are called electric motors and with the inventives of the relationships between electricity, magnetism and motion, it was possible to make electric motors of direct and alternating current, single phase and three phase.

Service Factor

The service factor of an engine represents a power reserve that it has and can be used on a continuous basis, and this type of scheme is also called the S1 regime, in accordance with national and international standards. The power that can be achieved from the motor is thus the nominal power, which is indicated on the plate, multiplied by the service factor. A power motor of 5 kW and with a service factor of 1.15 can work continuously with 5 ⋅1.15 = 5.75 kW in continuous mode.

When a service factor is not shown, it means that the engine has no power reserve. When the power actually used corresponds to the rated power multiplied by the service factor, a temperature rise of 100º C should be allowed in addition to the temperature limit of the insulation class of the motor. According to the standards, when the service factor is used, they may also have changes in some of the characteristics of the engine, such as power factor and efficiency. However, the starting torque, the maximum torque and the starting current must not change. best prices for skf bearing

Preventive maintenance

Preserving an electric motor is to ensure that the conditions of use are almost the same as those that were fixed in your choice, design and installation or to verify that in the operation of the engine its nominal characteristics are preserved. Electric motors must be kept clean, free of dust, debris and oils. In very dirty environments or with suspended particles in the air it is advisable to install motors with adequate protection. To clean the motors it is advisable to use brushes, compressed air blasting or clean cotton cloths, always trying to unblock the inputs and air passages for better cooling of the motor. The accumulation of dirt is a likely cause of overheating compromising engine quality.

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Periodic care that will prolong the life of the electric motor and avoid future problems should be made according to the size, type, power and environment where the motor is installed. Conduct a periodic examination mainly for insulation resistance, mechanical wear, temperature rise, bearing lubrication. Periodic inspection should be performed by qualified personnel, with the motor disconnected from the mains and all material used should be as recommended by the manufacturer.

Starting Methods

In single-phase circuit conditions the motor will not start because it is difficult to obtain 90º out of phase currents from a single phase source and if the electric motor is activated out of the zero speed it will start in the direction of the initial speed. In order for the engine to start, it is necessary to have an auxiliary circuit arranged 90º in the space relative to the main and fed by a current also 90º out of time.

The phase difference of the electric motor can be achieved by means of a resistance, an inductance, or a capacitor connected in series with the starting winding. The most common is to use a capacitor in series with the starting winding and when the motor reaches the operating speed, a centrifugal switch shuts off the starting winding circuit. The centrifugal switch is required because most electric motors use an electrolytic capacitor that can be traversed by alternating currents for only a short time. The appropriate condenser produces close to a 90 ° lag and hence a large starting torque.

DC Electric Motor Information

There are a large number of types of motors with a reasonable number of applications in the industries, universal motors that can work with both direct and alternating current and are applied in smaller household equipment such as drills, mixer machines, vacuum cleaners, blenders, etc. The direct current has a range of use much greater than the alternating current, since all electronic systems like computers, radios, telephones, etc. work with this current. This current is the type of current generated by all types of batteries and batteries, with no exceptions.

The DC electric motor em4114t 3540RPM can be applied either as a motor or as a generator; in the case of being applied like generator, receives the name of “dynamo”. However, with the current technological advances, the use of rectifying sources that allow to transform alternating voltage, generated by electric machines of alternating current (alternators) in controlled way in a controlled way, the operation like generator is restricted to the moments of braking and reversal of a motor. The great difficulty of DC electric motors is maintenance, as the brushes and switch are very complex requiring precise technical knowledge, skill and an efficient maintenance program.

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