DC Electric Motor Information

There are a large number of types of motors with a reasonable number of applications in the industries, universal motors that can work with both direct and alternating current and are applied in smaller household equipment such as drills, mixer machines, vacuum cleaners, blenders, etc. The direct current has a range of use much greater than the alternating current, since all electronic systems like computers, radios, telephones, etc. work with this current. This current is the type of current generated by all types of batteries and batteries, with no exceptions.

The DC electric motor em4114t 3540RPM can be applied either as a motor or as a generator; in the case of being applied like generator, receives the name of “dynamo”. However, with the current technological advances, the use of rectifying sources that allow to transform alternating voltage, generated by electric machines of alternating current (alternators) in controlled way in a controlled way, the operation like generator is restricted to the moments of braking and reversal of a motor. The great difficulty of DC electric motors is maintenance, as the brushes and switch are very complex requiring precise technical knowledge, skill and an efficient maintenance program.

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