In the tests performed, very specific names, such as Masp, were easily found with just one word.

Italian restaurants in the alpharetta ga area American Pasta
Other more generic researches needed to be described in more
detail. In addition to the search tool, the app also has the option to
trace a route to the point found in the search, from the button
??Directions to indicate??. Foursquare, the app used to check in, has
completely changed in its last update and has lost its main function:
now users will no longer be able to instantly share their location with
the app. One of the coolest new features of the new Foursquare is that
it shows local users filtered by the preferences they select. When the
user starts using the new application, they should select the keywords
that best represent their tastes. With that done, the application starts
to suggest places based on these keywords. Yelp is an app that
searches for locations near the user using GPS location. First, you
must choose the type of location. It can be more general, such as
restaurants, clubs, shopping, etc. or more specific, such as pizza, rock,
shoes, etc.

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