It seems like the obvious answer is the one with the most guests

But in reality it’s a lot more complicated than that. There are many reasons why a
restaurant can be empty or full, and it’s not always related to the quality of the
food. What I notice are other customers. If they’re looking around, confused, annoyed,
it means they’re having trouble with the service or just don’t like something on their
plates. Empty glasses on tables can also be a sign that something is wrong with the
service. The secret is in the details. If they put a bag of sugar under the table leg to
stop it from rocking, that’s a sure sign that you’re wasting your money.
Restaurants in old roswell ga
The same applies to the lack of napkins and toothpicks on the table, handwritten corrections to
the menu, wrong orders and lost reservations. In a good restaurant, you should only
have good experiences. If when you walk into a restaurant you think you are making a
mistake, then you are probably correct. Few customers, waiting waiters, leftovers on
the tables, I sat down waiting for everything to turn out well. That, of course, didn’t
happen. The chicken I ordered ended up being fried, greasy and dry.

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