Learn all the secrets and tips from our expert doctors in paints and paints!

Here on the blog we always talk about wall painting, types of paint, care so that the painting
and renovation of environments are of good quality. Write down the following tips:
Make the best surface preparation.
On internal walls, use products such as an economic sealant, spackle (PVA), with standard or
economic type finishing.
On the kitchen and bathroom walls, use acrylic putty and a premium finish, for example.
Remove the old paint that is peeling, sand the walls, cover holes, fissures and cracks, leaving
the wall smooth.
The basic steps such as sanding and removing any foreign material that compromises the paint
and finish quality is important. Also, applying a primer is recommended.
Lexington paint and pour Infinity Pro
Still on the issue of sandpaper, which are adopted on any surface, try to use the correct
grammage for each surface and situation, ok?
Extra Painting and Finishing Tips
If the wall you are going to paint has already been painted before, it’s worth clicking on the link
HOW TO PREPARE OLD WALLS FOR PAINTING, where we tell you in detail how to proceed to
get better results with the painting.
If you are faced with the need to apply spackle, it is worth checking the link HOW TO APPLY
PASTE ON THE WALL STEP BY STEP, a guide prepared by Clube das Tintas just to help you in
this mission.
If the wall is already plastered, then check out the PLASTERED WALL: KNOW HOW TO PAINT
link, which shows you everything you need to know to master the art of painting walls.

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