Preventive maintenance

Preserving an electric motor is to ensure that the conditions of use are almost the same as those that were fixed in your choice, design and installation or to verify that in the operation of the engine its nominal characteristics are preserved. Electric motors must be kept clean, free of dust, debris and oils. In very dirty environments or with suspended particles in the air it is advisable to install motors with adequate protection. To clean the motors it is advisable to use brushes, compressed air blasting or clean cotton cloths, always trying to unblock the inputs and air passages for better cooling of the motor. The accumulation of dirt is a likely cause of overheating compromising engine quality.

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Periodic care that will prolong the life of the electric motor and avoid future problems should be made according to the size, type, power and environment where the motor is installed. Conduct a periodic examination mainly for insulation resistance, mechanical wear, temperature rise, bearing lubrication. Periodic inspection should be performed by qualified personnel, with the motor disconnected from the mains and all material used should be as recommended by the manufacturer.

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