The Importance of Electric Motors

The electric induction motor is the most widely used motor in the industry, and the squirrel cage induction motor is what prevails. This fact is because most current systems of electric power distribution is AC (alternating current). Compared to the DC motor, the induction motor has the advantage of its simplicity, which is explained at low cost and maximum efficiency with minimal maintenance. The efficiency is high for medium and maximum load, and a good power factor can be ensured with a correct selection.

The drive of machines and mechanical equipment by electric motors is a subject of great economic importance. In the field of industrial drives, we evaluate that from 70 to 80% of the electrical energy consumed by all the industries is modified in mechanical energy through electric motors. The electric motor needs to be identified and treated as a power machine, whose peculiarities involve certain care, such as installation and maintenance, as it plays a role of relevant importance to the comfort and well-being of all humanity in today’s world.

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