Two Italian Restaurants

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Il Ristorante Walter Mancini
The Walter Mancini Restaurant has a decor that recalls the Italian restaurants present in
Manhattan, with photos from the 1930s spread around the room and a grand piano. Live
music and a wine list add to the exquisite Italian home. The menu of the house brings together
classic dishes and haute Italian cuisine, presented in pasta, risotto, meat, poultry, fish and
seafood. Among the specialties are recipes such as Spaghetti ai frutti di mare, pasta with
seafood, and Ravioli di manzo ai funghi secchi, veal pasta with funghi secchi sauce.
Il Restaurante Walter Mancini
Address: R. Avanhandava, 126 – Bela Vista
Phone: (11) 3258-8510
Cantina Roperto
Also known for the fusilli made by hand, Roperto has been at Bixiga since 1942 and has recipes
that include two people, such as polpettone made with filet mignon, chicken and mozzarella.
There are more than twenty types of pasta to be combined with different sauces. In addition
to the famous Perna de Cabrito, Filet à Parmigiana and Fusilli ao Sugo are dishes that have won
customers’ preference.
Cantina Roperto
Address: R. Treze de Maio, 634 – Bela Vista
Phone: (11) 3288-2573

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